Hi, Nice to meet You!


You can call me Ren, which is my family name.

At first, let me set a flag: Use as more English as possible in this site.

Who Am I

  • A student in a university in Nanjing, Jiangsu, computer-related majors soon.it is Ecology major as a matter of fact.(2020.6.23)
  • Already 18 years old, sometimes feel confused about my life and goals.
  • On my way, to become stronger and powerful, eager to see the prosperity of the world.
  • Solo from birth. Here should be an emjoy!

Habits: Sometimes read books(novals), sometimes play games, sometimes play ping-pang🏓 and badminton🏸.Not so good.

Goals: Full Stack Developer? Game developer? I don’t know that now. Emmm… What I can do is fighting!!!

Way to Long

8.79%    CSS   |    JS    2.57%
9.98%    C++   |    DataStructure    0%

Contact Me

Now the following methods are available:

  • E-mail
  • QQ
  • Github
  • Netease Music
  • RSS

Come on, boy!


Welcome to contact me and fight together!