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  • This site is designed to share some articles, most of which are related to books, feelings, summaries of study and so forth, recording the path of my growing up.
  • All articles in this blog are original by default and CC BY-NC-SA license agreements are adopted except for special statements(which will be explicitly stated at the beginning of the article or in the article). Reprint must indicate the source.
  • 本小站旨在分享一些文章,其中大部分与书籍、感受、学习总结等有关,以记录了我成长的道路。
  • 本博客中的所有文章在默认情况下都是原创,并且通过了CCBY-NC-SA许可协议,但特殊声明除外(这些声明将在文章开头或文章中明确说明)。 转载必须注明出处。

Welcome! It is my honor to meet you!

This is the log of this small site.


  • Fix the existing problems of my blog that arised during the migration of my blog.(Transfer my blog from PC to my personal laptop due to the school’s term begins)

  • Celebrate my success in changing my major.

  • Delete articles related to EverydayEnglishWord.

image-20200827170727175Some Memory

  • Delete the comment system(based on Valine).


  • After many days, I suddenly found that my website was included by BaiDu.



  • Related data had been submitted to Baidu SEO, but the statue is still waiting now. Just wait…


Configurate the following functions:

  • Links:
    • QQ
    • Github
    • NetEase Music
    • RSS
  • The light mode had completed, which means we have two modes: light and dark.
  • Add Aplayer to the blog, which means we can use music in blogs. (But I don’t know the way of adding music lists.)
  • Counting and timing is available now.
  • Common System via Valine.
  • Add introduction to this site.


  • Projects page, which is designed to show some small games and so forth.


  • The begin of this small world.
  • Basic configuration